About Us

AfroMax was established in 2012 under the umbrella of Ashraf Communication group. AfroMax is Khartoum based but has a number of offices in multiple countries including Egypt, Dubai, Ethiopia, Chad and South Sudan. Never the less, AfroMax wishes to further expand locally and plans to establish offices in five different states by 2016. The company was founded with a paid-up capital of two Million US Dollars ($2,000,000); and later has varied to include Security Shop, HP Home and Apple Store.As competition is being increased, AfroMax remains to be a pioneer in the fields of ICT and high-technology electronics devices trading. AfroMax has become a valuable ally in providing the huge companies with the latest technology products and Instigating the cutting edge technologies. At AfroMax, we believe that quality should be an integral part of the technology service industry.


We are aiming to lead the market to a better technology life.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide our customers with latest, professional and high quality technologies. Technology might be new, but our philosophy is that economic principles must always be respected. That is why we do not confuse "New Technology" with "New Economy".